Tiny Edits

Hired For:

  • Logo Design
  • Custom Graphics
  • Website Design


Bianca created Tiny Edits with middle schoolers in mind (5th and 6th grade to be exact). She needed a brand that applied to this young generation, but also treated them like the young adults they are. Oh, and of course she needed parent buy-in and a secure site to gather their information for her online newsletter.

We paired with Bianca to create a brand and initial website landing page to start spreading the news about Tiny Edits. Logos, custom graphics and her site were all designed to grow with Tiny Edits as it gets bigger and bigger. The graphics for each of her categories will eventually become the logos for each of her four kid-focused journals, and her site is set up to allow students to sign up for her newsletter and stay up-to-date on all new Tiny Edits press releases.




Bianca Spangler


Graphic Design, Website Design