Bridging HerStory

Hired For:

  • Website Design w/ Subscription eCommerce


Erinn wanted a site beyond what was capable on traditional “drag and drop” site builders, that allowed her to grow her coaching and e-commerce business


We built a site for Bridging HerStory with custom forms for coaching submission requests, but also a sophisticated e-commerce platform that allowed Erinn to build a successful subscription box arm of her business. The site’s automatic re-billing feature allowed Erinn to capture hundreds of customers for her subscription box and allows each customer to manage his or her account.


“Cannot thank you all enough for the incredible work done on my site- You all are rock stars and I am so grateful for the incredible work you have done! Thanks for taking me and my business to the next step!”



Erinn Bridgman

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eCommerce/Online Courses, Website Design