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Jack and Lindsi wanted a website to showcase their architecture and design work in the medical arena. They wanted to display their quality and professionalism and wanted a site that would allow them to have an online portfolio where they could send potential customers. Array also wanted to showcase their experience across the U.S., as well as their commitment to creating top quality, first class spaces in both the commercial and medical industries.

We paired with Array to create a customized website that features many of their top projects and award winning spaces, allowing them to enhance their position in the market and showcase their expertise, skills and quality. The site features many high quality images and a sortable portfolio, allowing the visitor to view projects based on their needs and the design sets them apart as a quality, yet unique design and architecture firm.


“We have a gotten good responses saying the site looks great!

Paired Inc. is a great company to pair up with! They listened to all of our ideas and not only did they make them come to life but they used their expertise and expanded upon them to make our website even better! They are personable to work with and everything is designed around us and our brand, not theirs; nothing Paired Inc. does is “cookie-cutter”. I would definitely use them again in the future and highly recommend them”

–Jack & Lindsi


Jack Hollingsworth

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